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Men's Mahogany Obsidian and Black Onyx Crystal healing braceley

The Will2WOW Jewelry

  • $ 55.00

Mahogany Obsidian ~Root / Sacral Chakras ~ Mahogany Obsidian resonates with the Earth. It grounds and protects, gives strength in times of need, revitalizes purpose, eliminates energy blocks and stimulates growth on all levels. It is a stabilizing stone that strengthens a weak aura and helps to restore the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Mahogany Obsidian helps to ease tension, relieves pain and improves circulation.

Black Onyx ~Root Chakra~ Black Onyx encourages self-realization and helps us to pursue our own goals with determination. It is particularly suited to those that are easily influenced. Black Onyx fortifies self-confidence and the sense of responsibility. It encourages a healthy egotism and the willingness to get involved in a dispute if necessary. Black Onyx improves your ability to assert yourself, stimulates thought and logic, improves concentration and improves our control over our own actions making it great for dealing with addictions of any kind.

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