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Ruby & Rhodochrosite Chakra Bracelet

Ruby & Rhodochrosite Chakra Bracelet

The Will2WOW Jewelry

  • $ 65.00

7 in. 6mm genuine AAA grade Ruby and Rhodochrosite Bracelet with a rhinestone cuff and 2 metal accent spacers.  

Ruby –  Sacral & Heart Chakras

Ruby is a very dynamic and uplifting stone.

Amplifies the bio-magnetic field surrounding the body.

Overcomes lethargy and exhaustion.

Encourages a calm mind.

Improves concentration and mental clarity.

Brings up anger and negative emotions for transmutation.

MANTRA:  With a focused and calm mind, I seek my truth

Rhodochrosite~ Heart Chakra

Rhodocrosite is a self-love and emotional healing stone. It assists with healing deep seeded wounds from your past. In turn Rhodocrosite allows for you more playful, spontaneous, and fun loving side of your personality to emerge. Physically, Rhodocrosite helps to bring balance to the nervous system. 
Affirmation: My past wounds are healing, allowing space for self-love and more play. 

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