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Angelite and Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Healing Earrings

The Will2WOW Jewelry

  • $ 35.00

Aqua Aura / Angel Aura Quarts~ Throat, third Eye, and Crown Chakras-

These crystals are created from the combination of gold and Quartz which makes for beautiful Quartz with shimmering colors! They are believed to enhance communication, especially with your higher self and other dimensions. They are used to attract luck and success. However, they are best known for enhancing your intuition and psychic skills. physically, they help to relieve stress related illnesses such as anxiety, nervousness, and depression

Angelite ~Throat Chakra~ This stone is known as the “stone of awareness.” It represents peace and helps facilitate contact with the angelic realm. It has been known to encourage out-of-body experiences and telepathic communication. Angelite shares properties with the stone Celestite. Angelite promotes feelings of peace and tranquility

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