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Blue Lace agate Crystal Healing Necklace

The Will2WOW Jewelry

  • $ 65.00

18 inch Blue Lace Agate on Oxidized Sterling silver with 2 swarovski Crystal wire wrapped to the clasp

Blue Lace Agate ~Throat Chakra~ This is a wonderful healing stone and it’s energy feels soft, cooling, and calming. It helps to bring peace of mind. Blue lace agate helps to facilitate free expression of thoughts and feelings. This is one of the best nurturing and supportive stones. Helps you to speak your truth in a soft gentle way, which in turn helps others to really hear you. This stone helps to gently release suppressed feelings and feelings of being judged. This stone is good to help neutralize feeling of anger! It helps to calm the nervous system and strengthens the skeletal system. This stone helps to facilitate healing of all throat and thyroid issues.

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