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Aquamarine Crystal Healing Bracelet

Aquamarine Crystal Healing Bracelet

The Will2WOW Jewelry

  • $ 85.00

7 1/4 inch Aquamarine Bracelet with an Abalone shell accent bead and gold / brass spacers 


Aquamarine ~Throat Chakra~ This is the stone of courage. A very calming stone that promotes serenity and relaxation. A powerful crystal to use while meditating. Helps to bring the feeling of peace and serenity. Also helps a person to be more in touch with there higher self. Helps to alleviate fears! Releases anxiety and depression. Filters through mental information, sharpening your perception / intuition and aiding with clear communication. Helps a person tap into their truth and to speak their truth with confidence! Helps you to be responsible for yourself and your actions.

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