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Aura Crystal Infused Cleansing Spray

Aura Crystal Infused Cleansing Spray

The Will2WOW Jewelry

  • $ 40.00

This Aura Cleansing spray is enhanced with healing crystals.

Your Aura is like a fingerprint - unique to only you. An Aura is the energy field that surrounds our physical body. We can't see it with our physical eyes but the energy field around you can pick up negativity from the surrounding environment just as our physical bodies pick up dirt. Have you ever been around a negative person or situation and can feel the negativity creep into your mood as well? When this happens, it lowers your spiritual vibration and dulls your energy. Eventually, this can cause negative thoughts, a general feeling of tiredness and feeling run down, and even physical problems. This Aura Cleansing Spray can be used to clear out those negative vibes and thoughts. In addition to essential oils designed to balance and cleans your aura, this spray has been infused with crystals to enhance the oils cleansing abilities. It would be a great idea to get into the habit of Aura cleansing morning and night, especially once you've come home after a day out at work or around other people.

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