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Dalmation Jasper & Lava Stone Crystal Healing Bracelet

Dalmation Jasper & Lava Stone Crystal Healing Bracelet

The Will2WOW Jewelry

  • $ 45.00


7 inch 8mm Dalmation Jasper Bracelet with 2 Lava Stones for Essential Oil Diffusing. The center bead is pewter and there are 2 metal accent spacers 

Jasper ~All Chakras~ “The Supreme Nurturer” Sustains and supports during times of stress and gives you courage. It helps to unify all aspects of your life and reminds people to help each other. It helps you to pursue and achieve your goals. Jasper Provides protection and grounds energies. It absorbs negative energy and aligns all the chakras. It stimulates quick thinking and brings courage. Red Jasper is the most dynamic and it stimulates circulation and the flow of energy, yellow jasper is the calmest and it fortifies the immune system, and green jasper is the most balanced and it is detoxifying and anti-inflammatory.

Lava Stone- Root Chakra

Lava Rock is truly an amazing stone! It is the element on Earth that was once just fire. It can be used as a natural essential oil diffuser, and it is a super grounding and protective stone! Lava Stone is known to spark a fire in the wearer, helping them to achieve their long term goals! 

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